«Kegon Falls». Edition of 7

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Kegon Falls are located in Japan, where Swiss artist Alexander Bühler (*1977) used to live and still frequently travels to. Kegon Falls (2003) is an edition, made from a collage of negatives the artist took on his second trip ever to Japan, trying to captivate its stunning beauty. The seemingly static waterfall becomes a natural monument, cutting through a wild landscape like a pillar, which is even more highlighted through the black and white contrast. Mysteriously it appears from nowhere as much as it seems to disappear into nowhere. (Lisa Bosse)

Artist: Alexander Bühler
Title: «Kegon Falls»
Year: 20 November 2018
Country: Japan

Size Paper: 56 × 76 cm
Medium: Fotocollage, Piezography® Pro on Arches Velin BFK Rives

Swiss handmade frame: 61 × 81 cm
Material: Wood Smoked Oak-KR | profile 13/28
Distance: 15 mm, pink, green or blu
Glass: Anti-reflective white glass

*Limited Edition Artist of 7 + 2AP, Zürich
Numbered and signed by the artist

Alexander Bühler is a Swiss artist, with a painting degree from Chelsea College of Fine Arts, London. After leaving college he has been traveling extensively in Asian, Europe and later in Latin America. The travels and adaption processes involved, have continuously challenge his artistic practice, to explore new techincs and forms to relize and produce his ideas. During the CCA-Kitakyushu residency in Japan, he create a unique video installation called “A moment of truth” (2010), for the solo show “Archetypes and Line” in London at Studio 1.1, one hundred small paintings where shown, hung onto 3 color fields painted onto the exhibition walls. Alexander’s work is very much a meditative process, an internal enquiry which nevertheless takes his encounter with the outside world as its starting point. In trying to understand, bumping into the physical world, as it were, he gradually becomes aware of cognitive processes which then evolve within the making of the work itself. Currently he is developing his solo show presentation “Bichos” at Lagos in Mexico City, where is currently part of the studio program. Alongside his new printing edition for blackprint, Alexander will also be present with his work “Temporary Vacancy” (2018) at the Kunst:Szene Zürich 2018 and will participate with a/b Books, of which he is the founder at this years Volumes 2018 at the Kunsthalle Zürich!

Alexander Bühler (*1977 / Switzerland)
Lives and works in Zürich and Mexico


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